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Rehabilitative Care

The rehabilitation team at Allis Care Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin works directly with residents to achieve rehab goals to get our residents back on track.The comprehensive rehabilitation and wellness services at Allis Care Center in Milwaukee are designed to help seniors maintain and improve their physical strength and independence following serious medical procedures and conditions. After a fall, surgery or life-altering event such as a stroke or a heart attack, rehabilitation is vital. Rehab programs can make the difference between a return to normal, active life and prolonged disability.

The rehab team at Allis Care Center, composed of physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, works directly with residents to achieve rehab goals to get our residents back on track. Rehabilitation can assist residents in regaining their highest level of functioning. Our rehabilitation professionals are licensed therapists who are specially trained to meet the complex needs of patients recovering from a wide variety of illnesses or injuries. Through continuing education programs, our licensed therapists are able to provide physician directed, customized treatment using the most current techniques and methodologies possible.

Allis Care Center offers comprehensive care designed to shorten post hospital recovery and improve ability to get back home safely and quickly. Each resident in our rehabilitation and wellness program receives a customized treatment plan based on their specific medical condition and wellness goals. We measure their progress at regular intervals and make adjustments to ensure that they are steadily improving in physical strength, health and endurance. The Allis Care Center outcome-oriented rehabilitation therapy programs help patients build the strength, function and mobility needed for a successful return home.

Allis Care Center is committed to delivering the very best rehabilitation therapy, using the most up-to-date techniques and equipment available. Our goal is to help our patients return to the highest level of functioning, as quickly as possible. We offer preventative and restorative rehab such as our fall prevention and balance therapy programs; strength-building programs to restore patients to previous levels of health following injury or illness; and rehab therapy for stroke survivors, patients with orthopedic injuries and patients with neuromuscular disorders allowing patients to walk again, even if they have been in a wheelchair. Our team develops comprehensive, individualized care plans to maximize residents’ physical, social and emotional independence, safely and quickly.

Our physical therapists at Allis Care Center work with residents in training them for increased mobility, gait stability, posture and positioning. Exercise programs are implemented to increase muscle function, coordination and endurance.

Allis Care Center occupational therapists work with residents in education and training in such areas as dressing, bathing, eating, grooming and other activities of daily life. Strength and coordination exercises are implemented to increase more independence in daily activities.

The speech language pathologists at Allis Care Center address communication and swallowing dysfunction. Treatment plans can include recovery of speech, language and memory skills. Activities for memory, orientation and cognitive abilities can be implemented. Oral muscle strength and functioning required for speaking and swallowing as well as appropriate, safe diet recommendations can be designed for individual needs.

Health related services at Allis Care Center:

  • Complete nursing care
  • Medication management & administration
  • Restorative nursing
  • Assistance with dressing, bathing, personal care or ambulation
  • Health monitoring & coordination services
  • Professionally staffed physical therapy department

Dietary program services at Allis Care Center:

  • Three meals daily, along with afternoon & evening snacks
  • Therapeutic diets under the direction of a registered dietician
  • Custom menus to serve everyone’s likes & needs
  • Hydration/nutrition program
  • Restorative dining program

Our goal at Allis Care Center is to help individuals to live dignified and optimally independent lives. We tailor each individual’s therapy plan to his or her unique needs.

Great rehabilitative care from a compassionate and tenured staff is what you can expect at Allis Care Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.