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Rehabilitation Therapy

The licensed, certified and compassionate staff at Allis Care Center offer physical, occupational and speech therapy.Allis Care Center, located in West Allis, Wisconsin, offers rehabilitation therapy services to patients in the Greater Milwaukee area through a team effort, carefully coordinated by a dedicated team. After illness or surgery, rehabilitation is an essential component for a successful recovery. We work closely with our residents and their families to develop customized rehabilitation programs that challenge them to rise above today’s limitations to work toward wellness. Each therapist has had professional training to assist with balance issues, fall prevention, cognitive awareness skills, complex medical conditions and incontinence. Our team of nurses, therapists and support staff work closely together to develop a plan based on the individual needs of each person. Rehabilitation involves not only the patient, but the entire family. When the goal is to return home, the patient’s prior level of function is a key element that our therapy and nursing staff strive to obtain upon admission to ensure a safe transition back to home. Allis Care Center wants to help our patients enjoy their best level of physical health possible. We want them to get better and stay stronger, longer.

Following an illness, injury or surgery, rehabilitation therapy is a vital part of the healing process. Our licensed, certified and compassionate staff at Allis Care Center offer physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Even routine daily living activities can be difficult after a hip fracture, knee replacement, stroke or lengthy illness. At Allis Care Center, an experienced team of medical professionals utilize state-of-the-art equipment and innovative approaches to help individuals regain as much strength, balance and endurance as possible. Our goal is optimal recovery. To make this happen, our highly skilled nurses, therapists and technicians work cooperatively with the individual’s physician to implement a customized course of treatment.

Depending on our resident’s situation, their rehabilitation program at Allis Care Center may include:

  • Building independence
  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Medical treatment
  • Mobility and physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy and skills of independent living
  • Pain management
  • Physical therapy
  • Post-orthopedic surgery rehabilitation
  • Post surgery rehabilitation
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation and respiratory therapy
  • Speech therapy and language skills
  • Stroke recovery
  • Wound care services

Each resident at Allis Care Center has unique needs and our staff takes great care to communicate and learn the activities and memories that add comfort to their day. Our personalized programs at Allis Care Center are designed to help individuals achieve their highest level of independence in order to return home as quickly as possible. Utilizing a team approach, our therapists strive to provide the highest-quality treatment to produce measurable results. Our nursing and rehabilitation center provides assistance and support from a team of caregivers whose goal is to be a positive part of our residents’ daily lives.

Allis Care Center believes that all our residents should enjoy an active and productive life, and our rehabilitation therapy does just that. Our goal is to help our residents regain a full range of functional abilities while preventing complications. Our experienced staff works hard seven days a week to help our residents make the transition from the hospital to home. All rehabilitation programs at Allis Care Center utilize a comprehensive assessment process and interdisciplinary approach to help our residents achieve the highest practicable level of independence and enjoy the best quality of life.

Our ultimate goal at Allis Care Center is to work with each patient and their family to ensure a smooth transition to the home, residential care or long-term care environment. When it comes to rehabilitation therapy, there’s no better place than Allis Care Center in West Allis, Wisconsin.