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Resident Education with Emmi

Thank you for choosing Allis Care Center for your post-acute healthcare needs. You may have questions about what a skilled nursing facility does and how you will be cared for. Before, during, and after your stay, you will be able to take part in ongoing learning about your care. Before admission, you will watch a short informational video about what to expect when you stay at a skilled nursing center. This will answer many questions you have about care, typical activities and day that you will have, and rehabilitation.
While at our community, the education continues with disease specific programming so that you can better understand your condition and how choices can positively or negatively affect your recovery. We want you to be successful and healthy. A key to that success is a better understanding of the condition or disease that you have.
And of course, during your stay we will work with you to achieve the goals you set in recovery so that you can transition back to your previous care setting - or whatever is most appropriate - whether it be home, assisted living, or with a family member.
When you are back in the "real world" we want to help you continue your healing. Following discharge, you may receive several calls to help you manage your recovery with the intention to motivate and support any behavior changes recommended (i.e. quit smoking, lose weight, drink more water, etc.) so that you can avoid readmission to the hospital.
These calls are an extended conversation that help identify factors that might put you at risk for complications and hospital readmission. Because we understand that you want to prevent hospital readmission, it is important to participate in the calls and learning modules during and after your stay at our center.
Through the Emmi Solutions system, you will receive interactive phone calls and multimedia programs with questions for self-management and recovery. Using layman's terms, Emmi helps you increase retention of key information to better understand and drive positive actions.
How does an EmmiTransition call work?
EmmiTransition calls begin the day after discharge and continue through the most critical post-discharge periods. Once a call connects, it verifies it’s speaking with the patient or circle of care member. Once that is confirmed, EmmiTransition asks self-reporting questions and reinforces key messages about the patient’s condition and compliance with discharge instructions. If an EmmiTransition call is unable to connect with a patient or circle of care member, it won’t leave a message but rather try again, making up to 3 attempts per day.
What if the patient has an emergency situation?
The EmmiTransition suite advises patients of when to seek emergency help during each call. If their answers indicate more mild concerns, it encourages patients to call their physician.
Emmi is a patient engagement company with unique experience and expertise in effectively engaging people to become active partners and participants in their care and, ultimately, owners of their health and wellbeing. Emmi’s technology-based solutions, including online multimedia programs and automated call series, are developed using human-centered design and delivered through a patented platform that enables healthcare provider, payer, and ambulatory care organizations to empower entire populations and achieve their clinical and financial objectives.