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LiteGait Therapy

Allis Care Center, a nursing home located outside of Milwaukee, offers treatment for residents utilizing technology with LiteGait. LiteGait is a gait training device that simultaneously controls weight bearing, posture, and balance over a treadmill or over ground.

With an overhead frame and suspension system, therapists can adjust how much support a patient receives while stepping or standing. The LiteGait creates an ideal environment for treating patients with a wide range of impairments and functional levels. LiteGait provides proper posture, reduces weight bearing, eliminates concerns for balance, and facilitates the training of coordinated lower extremity movement.

Its unique harness design not only permits unilateral or bilateral support, allowing progression of the weight bearing load from non to full weight bearing, but this design also allows the clinician to manually assist the legs and pelvis to achieve proper gait patterns. The LiteGait harness provides frontal, sagittal, and transverse plane postural control.

Individuals with the following conditions may benefit from LifeGait:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Lower extremity amputee
  • Stroke/CVA
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Lower extremity/joint pain
  • Other non-progressive neurologic disorders


Benefits of the LiteGait Include:

  • Obtain supported suspension
  • Comfortably walk in an environment free from falls
  • Increase or decrease the weight bearing load on the weaker side of the body
  • Learn to walk with proper upright posture
  • Achieve controlled reduction of weight bearing
  • Use an assistive device while being supported over ground
  • Begin gait training earlier in the rehabilitation process and at a lower level