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Long-Term Care

If youre looking for the very best long-term care in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, then Allis Care Center is the place to be.If you’re looking for the very best in Milwaukee long-term care, look no further than the Allis Care Center. When in-house or assisted living is no longer enough, residents may require 24-hour care. Long-term care at the Allis Care Center means the very best resident-inspired care that supports a healthy and engaged lifestyle. Long-term care residents receive supervision by professional nurses and staff to meet their needs. Residents who need both nursing care and assistance with activities of daily living can live in comfortable rooms at Allis Care Center with the added comfort of having their own personal items brought from home.

Allis Care Center serves people with ongoing care needs in a gracious residential setting. Each resident is offered a continuum of choices, from the privacy of one’s own room to full public spaces encouraging the mingling of residents, families and visitors. We pride ourselves in providing residents with a comfortable and lively home where personalized care is the standard. Our entire staff of nurses and support personnel treat residents like family while offering the highest quality medical care. The environment supports sophisticated clinical services, but is characterized by its residential nature. The outdoors is easily visible and accessible to our residents. Allis Care Center has created a living environment that promotes human dignity, self-esteem and inner peace of mind. Quality of life is our top priority.

At Allis Care Center, our interdisciplinary team of professionals creates care plans and programs that enhance the abilities of our residents. Our team meets regularly with families and residents to review and revise treatment plans to share information and to stay informed. With ongoing, open communication between family members and staff, families can take solace in knowing that their loved one is in a safe and warmhearted environment. 

As a long term care resident at Allis Care Center in Milwaukee, residents will enjoy many of the following amenities:

  • 24-hour healthcare by licensed practical nurses or medication aides to administer medications
  • On-site daily medical management by a team of physicians, nurse practitioners and physical assistants
  • Attending physician services to guide and direct care for maximum comfort and highest level of functioning
  • Certified nursing assistants to assist with showers or baths, eating, dressing, going to the bathroom or simply walking
  • Medicare and Medicare Replacement Plans accepted if post-acute services are needed while a long-term care resident
  • Social services to help with personal issues such as Advanced Directives or Psychiatry
  • Additional medical services such as Podiatry or Dental
  • Therapy services – physical, occupational and speech
  • Relaxing, spacious accommodations with closets, bathroom and dresser
  • In-room telephones
  • In-room televisions
  • Meal service designed by a registered Dietician to meet personal preferences in order to meet nutritional choices and health needs
  • Daily recreational activities to stimulate physical and mental activity

Long-term care residents at Allis Care Center enjoy their meals in a bright, communal dining room where the menus change daily. Our seniors have numerous opportunities to engage in social, recreational and therapeutic activities each day of the week. Residents are also offered productive opportunities to participate in physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy to remain as independent as possible. Allis Care Center offers comfortable senior care accommodations for our residents and visiting families to improve the comfort and quality of the time spent with us.

Great long-term care from a compassionate and tenured staff is what you can expect at Allis Care Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.